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Name:Zelda Georgette Webster
Birthdate:Dec 16
Location:Greenwich Village, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Zelda Georgette Webster is the middle child, and second sister, of Connie Webster and Stewart Jenson. She followed older sister, Kelly five years later, and seven years after that, welcomed their first son and the girls' baby brother, Shannon. Although Kelly and Zelda knew their dad, when Shannon was about two years old, Stewart was killed in a motorcycle accident on the way home from work one night. The girls remember him more than Shannon does, and often talk of what a wonderful guy he was and how Shannon looked very much like him. Shannon knew this was the case from the many photographs of him. However, he came to know his mom's second husband, Max Webster, as a father.

Their mom met Max when Zelda was about 12 years old, and he was a wonderful guy. The kids all loved him, and after he married their mom in a simple farm wedding, he adopted them and they all took his family name. Connie always had a passionate love for horses and was a successful equestrian rider. Max was a vet and they met when he came to tend to her horse one day when they thought he had been bitten by a snake. The love of animals was passed through all the kids, and they all rode like their mother. Max and Connie bought a farm with boarding stables in Leonia, New Jersey not long after their marriage, and the love of riding as a family continued right up until a terrible turn of events one day.

When Shannon was 14, he and his best friend, Kip, was hanging out with a group of girls who had horses boarded at the stables. One of them had a father who just purchased an unbroken horse, though she foolishly told Shannon he was broken and asked if Shannon wanted to ride him. Shannon did after a dare from Kip, and he knows how stupid the mistake was. He would know that for the rest of his life. The horse spooked and threw him, and he fell, breaking his back. Although he wasn't left paraplegic, he did lose the use of his legs from the knees down and lost the ability to walk and stand. Although he spent a long time in rehab with many, many hours of physical therapy, he was never able to regain the ability to walk and was left wheelchair-bound.

After that, Connie and Max decided to sell the horses they owned and just focused on owning the stables for other horse lovers to utilise. Connie became Shannon's full-time carer and when he recovered, began to homeschool him. Though, after losing her first husband in a terrible accident and almost losing her son, she became very overprotective and anxious, resulting in Shannon becoming a little stifled. He's sixteen now, and recovered, save for being able to walk, and is desperate to return to mainstream school so he can make friends and find normalcy in his life again. He loves music and plays piano beautifully, and also enjoys playing guitar.

Zelda was 18 when Shannon's accident happened, and she spent many weeks in shock, not functioning well. She was in the final year of high school, and because she missed so many days to be at the hospital with her family while Shannon's life was in the balance and there was a real risk the accident may have left him paralysed, she ended up having to repeat her senior year. Zelda was extremely attentive and clingy to her baby brother all throughout his lengthy hospital stay and rehabilitation. Neither of their parents wanted to rush the girls through their grief, and Zelda developed a very real fear that if she left Shannon's bedside, he would die while she was gone. She ended up needing a lot grief counselling to overcome those anxieties. It was all that which led her to decide to go into a career in Emergency Nursing.

Nursing school was long and hard, because Zelda was never a natural student. She had to focus more and put in longer hours to wrap her head around her marks. She has now finished Nursing School and gotten her first job as a Registered Nurse in an Emergency Room in one of New York's largest hospitals. Zelda's bi, and she was in a committed relationship with a women for two years of her college life. It all crashed and burned and her girlfriend accepted a job in LA, and Zelda absolutely did not want a bar of anything long distance. It was stupid to believe that could work, especially when they were both in the early days of their careers.

Zelda is incredibly close to both her sister and brother after all the family has been through. She is also close to Niko, her dad's brother, and technically her step uncle, though she and Niko are the same age. She definitely has a fiery personality and will physically hurt anyone who tries to do wrong by her family and the people she loves. Since her break-up, she's been a bit of a lost soul because it was during this time she realised she was really more into commitment than casual, but she's not quite sure how to get back into the dating game again without putting her heart too much on the line.

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